Colors to keep you cool in Summers.

Let the colour of your dresses outshine the Snapchat filters this summer. These colours will definitely make you ignore the black and white photo editing and will force you to leap into the beauty of the colours.

Energy a must need during summers and half of it can be derived by just wearing the colour ORANGE which makes you look all the way more energetic.Your innocence shines and talks when you walk wearing WHITE ( ) on the path of victory. It talks about the purity of your soul and softness of your nature.It’s not  the word ‘I’ that completes your life but the word ‘we’ which makes you love the life. Being healthy and growth  in life becomes more meaningful when we learn to live with harmony and let’s celebrate this by spreading the beauty of GREEN ( )colour around.

Colour of love and passion which continuously stimulate us to be true to ourselves and our loved ones. Being confident of our decisions intense us to dress up in RED ( ) and spread the joy around.Summer always adds a BLUE colour dress to our wardrobe. Blue not only gives us comfort but gives a cooling sensation  too. Every time it connects to the person’s heart, by giving a lavish look.

The sun in the morning and the first ray of light entering our rooms brings hope for today and and makes us cheerful and carrying this YELLOW keeps us calm.Looking for formals give GREY a try.Carry a heart of gold to look royal and precious as it makes you happy not the people around. Wear PURPLE and lighten up your happiness. Multiple colours  around but PINK has its own value. It reminds us of those fairy tales and keeps us alive in them.BLACK can be carried when one chooses to look sophisticated.Let colours define your style this summer after all its how we perceive  life makes it more colourful.

As the world is moving to a digital transformation shopping online is best method to explore many designs on a single screen. Comfort is the most important thing after colors. So best cotton T-shirts are always advisable as they are good to your skin. This brand KLOTH which was launched last year have some amazing brands with perfect blend on design and comfort is must try for all.

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Written by: Ms Simran Kaur Baidwan. She is presently pursuing her B.Com from Gargi College, Delhi.

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