“Kloth” – Cloth
As said and accepted by every other being, Cloth is a woven or felted fabric made from wool, cotton or a similar fibre.
To be precise Cloth is “KAPDA”
Yes our Kloth also symbolizes KAPDA but this KAPDA comes with certain twisted K’s……(some from the matrabhaasha too)
Kyuuuuu???? – Why follow the rat race?
Why not take a chance?
Why not be out of the box?
Kreativity – Our this K makes us do the same things differently.
Kaash – We focus and aim to eliminate “kaash” or “uncertainty” in whatever we do. We convey the same through our Kloth.
Kream – Why be within the cream? Its always better to be the “cherry” on the cream.
Karacter – Kloth team emphasizes on bringing out the ‘real’ character of you over the ‘fictional’ one through our KAPDA.
So, with all the twisted K’s our team aims to make a huge diversity of products which are modish and snappy. Being in vogue along with the best of quality is our strength.
Kloth houses a team of usually different brains who are entirely focussed on providing offbeat designs. Our motto is to make our Kloth ( be it graphic t-shirts, attitude range or sweatshirts) extraordinaire.
Our QA/ QC team ensures that the perfect product is manufactured every time a fabric goes under the needle.